About Us

Mr Sam Olamide Omotoso is a vessel in God’s hand that has been use to train children for several presentations like songs, choreography, quiz and drama in different Christian gathering that he had been to. He is currently a minister in one of the Winners Satellite Fellowship Centers in Lagos, Nigeria. He is one of the two leaders of The Inspirationals and a leader of Family of Grace. He has years of experience working in one of the leading banks in Nigeria.

His qualifications include MBA (Finance) LAUTECH and B.Tech (Industrial Chemistry) FUTA. He was an executive in Baptist Student Fellowship during his undergraduate days and presently an executive in zonal level  of Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria (GOMAN) and Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI). His union with his found rib (Unwana) is blessed with a son.

Unwana (Light) Omotoso was a member of youth choir in Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel). She is one of the operators of Winners Satellite Fellowship in Lagos. She obtained  B.Sc (Accounting) from Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos. She is happily married to Sam Olamide Omotoso.


House of marvel company has four major departments;

  • Grace family, a group that spread the gospel through music
  • Book matters is for seminar presentation,writing of books, sales of books etc
  • Creating beads that makes jewelries,beads and their sales
  • Creating decor and designs, they make decoration of event centers, plans events, make clothing designs, sewing clothes creatively etc


We are dedicated to use discoveries to produce positive impart in the live of everyone in our sphere(s) of contact through the channels of our ministry by educating,lnspiring and challenging readers of our books, listeners of our music and messages. The impact shall also be through training, guiding, instructing  and supporting partakers of our seminars, programmes and workshops about bead making, decoration, music and fish farming.


To be honourable lnstruments in God’s hand to spread the gospel via diverse techniques or media