A Tale of Grace

Hey folks, so it has been so long we posted but God’s willing we are back for good. I have been away for a while for a whole lot of reasons, mostly because i went for a 3 week camp where everything was regimented and i had no time for myself. But in all Jesus was, is and will always be faithful.

So today, i bring you a tale, a short narrative of my grace story and of the love of Yaweh towards humanity. God bless you all and happy reading.

Grace poured out like an offering, sufficient to keep us from falling, mercy a treasure handed like we even deserved it, judgement withheld even with all the charges against us. Victory you see was ours if only we embraced it. Beauty was always within we just didn’t care to release it. Joy flowing deep oh great joy. All these because of the love the Father showed us, His love that we didn’t deserve, the love we never meritted and the love we pushed away, the love we fought strongly against, the love we trample upon day in day out. This love that never fails, the love that never ends. This is a tale, a tale of grace, one of love and one of forgiveness, for you see once i was lost, so deep in the woods, with no chance of rescue, i didn’t even think of Survival, my motto: “live until the end comes” this life was one with no future, no hope and no peace.

But then there i saw the light the one who became my everything, he shone so bright and peace was all he carried, he called my name and brought me out of the lonely woods, he showed me life one with so much meaning, he taught me love and his affection for me ran so deep. I couldn’t help but fall and now he is my all. Even though i fail him most times, his love still flows so deep and he is still calling unto as many that need to love and be loved all he asks is surrender and a willing heart then Jesus, will come and make you his forvever, just as he did to me…#SELAH

Week Tip: Christian Youths as Models

Thank you and God bless you all

With Love From

The Mind Of A Worshipper

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